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Get the Concurrent Tasks Framework:

The Concurrent Tasks Framework extends C++ by the task-based programming paradigm.

Tasks remove the language's limitation where the whole program has to be executed in a linear manner. Instead, tasks represent smaller linear portions of a program that can be executed in any order with respect to existing dependencies.

By following the design guidelines for task-based programming it is possible to write code that is far better reusable than standard C++ code.

The framework provides a concurrent task scheduler that can exploit a program's scalability and use the available system resources for maximum performance.

The Concurrent Tasks Framework is available for Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64 bit) and Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bit).

Ongoing Research topics:

1. Design Patterns for task-based programming.

2. Concurrent Task Scheduling

3. Signal data compression

4. UPnP/DLNA extensions

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